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Strategic Capital for the Built Environment

BDI Partners is a private investment firm founded to partner with entrepreneurs, management teams, and owners of services, product, and technology companies serving the Built Environment that are passionate about building great companies to make a positive impact on their employees, customers, and communities.

We employ a partnership approach to every investment and harness the experience and relationships of our investment team and investor network developed from over 150 years exclusively serving our target sectors. Typically, we target majority ownership investments in lower-middle market Built Environment companies with company leaders seeking to leverage our expertise and knowledge to build and grow their companies.

Guiding Principles

  • We invest in the industry we know – the Built Environment
  • We partner with like-minded teams aligned to grow and build strong, culture-focused organizations
  • We leverage all our stakeholders – no monopoly on good ideas
  • We maintain a disciplined approach and conservative capital structures
  • We exercise patience and diligence from beginning to end
  • We say what we do and do what we say

Culture Drives Value

We believe that culture is the foundation of success. Passionate about building great companies that make a positive impact, we partner with entrepreneurs, management teams, and owners who share our cultural values.

Our partners uplift organizational culture by focusing on:

  • How employees are treated and the opportunities provided to them
  • How professionalism is supported and rewarded throughout the organization
  • How customers, communities, and the environment in which they operate are impacted

We work with like-minded entrepreneurs, management teams, owners, and investors who share our Core Values:





Value Everyone